Notice concerning Progress of COINCOME Project

Before, we informed you that CIM is scheduled to be listed within this year, however, we have reached a decision to postpone the time of listing until next Spring. Considering the current market situation of crypto holistically, we judged that it is not an appropriate time to do it for COINCOME users, CIM holders, and our businesses.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to everyone who has been looking forward to it, and earnestly hope that you will kindly understand in this matter.

Since CIM has already received the listing approval from four crypto exchanges, we will announce about the exchanges and the listing date at an appropriate timing.

As for the COINCOME development, it is proceeding smoothly without any delay, and we have started to invite users who registered for subscription to the newsletter at events or meetups in turns to the closed beta version of COINCOME which will be launched in Singapore.

In addition, we will be pleased to announce you about the great news on business alliance soon, so please look forward to it.

We deeply appreciate everyone who always has interest in COINCOME.
For the latest information on COINCOME, please visit our project website.