Makers Farm Pte Ltd. (Headquarters : Singapore / Representative: Yoshihiro Kanemitsu) operates the decentralized cashback service “COINCOME”. We also develop DApps for cashback websites, and manufacture original equipment. We are pleased to announce that our new app is now (since December 10th, 2020) available worldwide on both iOS and Android devices. It will allow you to easily manage and exchange Ethereum, Tether, as well as our original currency “CIM” on your smartphone.
◼️ Main features

・ Anyone can easily create and use an Ethereum wallet.
(no registration to the cryptocurrency exchange or examination is required).
・ In addition to Ethereum, this wallet also supports CIM and other major ERC20 tokens.
・ You can import the wallets you already have, and you can centrally manage multiple addresses.
・ Cryptocurrencies and tokens can be sent and received with just a QR code, and you can easily confirm detailed data on Etherscan.
・ You can check the price of the token you are interested in in the “portfolio” section. The market price rate is also supported in the following currencies: JPY, USD, SGD.

◼️ Reliable security

・ This wallet is equipped with a mnemonic function, and can be restored even if the device is stolen or lost.
・ The private key and recovery phrase (mnemonic) can be managed securely on your device without leaving them on our server.

◼️ Simple user interface

It is designed with an easy user interface that does not require a manual, so even beginners can use it safely.

COINCOME’s App currencies
◼️ Supported currencies

※We will add the requested currencies and tokens in order.

◼️Compatible format


◼️This wallet is linked to the cashback site “COINCOME”

Makers Farm, the wallet operator, owns a cryptocurrency cashback website called “COINCOME” operating both in Japan and Singapore.

COINCOME is a free service that automatically gives back “CIM points” for using various services such as daily online shopping, game use, application download, credit card issuance, bank account opening, etc.

The accumulated CIM points can be moved to an ERC-20 compatible wallet and exchanged for “CIM tokens” (which can then be exchanged for electronic money or points managed by other companies).
Create a wallet with “COINCOME Wallet” and link it with the COINCOME service to use it for asset management and transactions.

Click here to register for COINCOME

COINCOME Singapore:

◼️ Features to be added in future updates

・ The cashback service “COINCOME” will be integrated into this app, thus allowing you to acquire more CIM easily.
・ CIM tokens will be exchangeable for electronic money and points.
・ Equipped with a high-speed browser, this app will allow you to use various blockchain games, DApps such as DeFi services, and cryptocurrency exchanges within the app.

・Further updates include the management and exchange of major cryptocurrencies other than Ethereum such as Bitcoin, XRP, and digital assets of ERC721 standard.

COINCOME Wallet APP (for free)
※Directly to the Store

◼️About us
We at Makers Farm operate COINCOME, the world’s first cashback service that rewards you in cryptocurrency for everyday purchases. Our service operates worldwide and rewards your purchases with our original cryptocurrency (cryptoasset) “CIM”.

Since December 2019, we have been operating officially in both Japan and Singapore. Since then, we have formed partnerships with over 800 companies to provide you with the best shopping experience.

Additionally, our cryptocurrency CIM has been listed on Quoine’s “”, which operates the world’s largest and most reliable cryptocurrency (cryptoasset) exchange. We will keep striving to further maximize the liquidity of CIM in the future.

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Makers Farm company overview
Singapore headquarters
Name: Makers Farm Pte. Ltd.
Representative: CEO Yoshihiro Kanemitsu
Address: 7 Straits View #05-01, Marina One East Tower, Singapore 018936
Established: May, 2018

Our Japanese corporation
Name: Makers Farm Japan, Inc.
Representative: Representative director Kazuto Higashimoto
Address: 〒150-6018 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Ebisu, 4 Chome−20−3 Garden Place Tower 18F
Established: June, 2019

Description of our business:Blockchain, media

※ The contents, services, contact information and other information contained in this press release is true at the time of the announcement. After that, changes may occur without notice.

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