MBK to Invest Makers Farm / MBK blockchain, Subsidiary of MBK, Makes Business Alliance with Makers Farm

Makers Farm Pte. Ltd., operating company of COINCOME, has issued a third-party allocation of new shares with the company MBK CO.,LTD. listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section (TYO:3121), as underwriter.

We also announce that we have formed a business alliance with MBK Blockchain, subsidiary of MBK. This fabulous news of equity participation by listed company makes COINCOME project much persuasive.

Besides, this news has been released from Tokyo Stock Exchange via TDnet (Timely Disclosure network). *Disclosure is expired.

MBK Co.,Ltd.
CEO: Shigeru Ikki
Headquarters: Yurakucho Denki Building (North) 7F, 1-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006, Japan

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