Makers Farm starts joint project of blockchain installation and support service “COSMOS-MBP”

Makers Farm Pte. Ltd. (HQ: Singapore, CEO: Yoshihiro Kanemitsu) has started to offer the business consulting service utilized the COSMOS Multipurpose Blockchain Platform (COSMOS-MBP), a blockchain platform that has solved various issues in blockchain operation, as a joint project between Tyrell Systems Inc. (HQ: Tokyo, CEO: Toru Ozawa) and LCNEM, Inc. (HQ; Kyoto, CEO&CTO: Yu Kimura)

Tyrell Systems released COSMOS-MBP on February 12, 2020. It allows for constructing blockchain quickly for any business. (The outline of the services are shown as below).
This project offers integrated support covering requirements definition, demonstration experiment, commercial development, and operation.

In this project, Makers Farm will offer the knowledge and alliances covering the business/legal aspects including token-issuing, trading, listing and business operation as an issuer.

Outline of COSMOS-MBP

Three components of COSMOS-MBP
1. Cosmos network
Configure a network formed and met the communication standards between blockchains utilizing the IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication)
2. Cosmos Hub
Blockchain program for IBC communication
3. Cosmos SDK
SDK for developing blockchain to form the Cosmos Network.
Utilizing Cosmos SDK allows for developing one’s blockchain system efficiently and meeting a variety of business needs projected on Cosmos Network.

Features of Cosmos SDK
Existing issues can be solved by using Cosmos SDK.
1. A partial update can be done if a bug occurs
Utilizing Cosmos SDK allows for building one blockchain for one contract, and distributed consensus-building makes it possible to update partially.
2. Scale-out depending on the increase of transaction or traffic
Develops a unique blockchain that works directly with an application (web service) depending on an increase in traffic.
3. High-speed transaction processing
Higher transaction approval speed compared to Ethereum
4. Flexible design to meet various needs
5. Service offered in the short term at a comfortable rate

Tyrell Systems Press Release (Japanese)
LCNEM Press Release (Japanese)

About Makers Farm Pte. Ltd.

CEO: Yoshihiro Kanemitsu
Headquarter: 7 Straits View #05-01, Marina One East Tower, Singapore 018936
Makers Farm develops and provides the cashback service “COINCOME” for global shoppers with its cryptocurrency (token symbol: CIM). CIM has been listed on crypto exchange Liquid Global since 2019.

About Tyrell Systems Inc.

CEO: Toru Ozawa
Headquarter: 4F ImonKudankita bldg., 1-12-3 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073
Tyrell Systems is an IT solution vendor that provides total solutions ranging from planning, production, system construction to operation to meet the diverse needs of customers. A product development partner of COINCOME.

About LCNEM, Inc.

CEO/CTO: Yu Kimura
2F Nishijin Business Incubation Center, Kainokamicho 97, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-8061
LCNEM is a system development company that promotes R&D and commercialization centering on blockchain network or fintech including JPY stable coin.